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The number one reason to join LiveGood is for the savings on products. Any time we buy any product from LiveGood we save more than the monthly membership costs, even the lowest priced item. If we use more than one product monthly we’re already profitable from the savings.

Unlike most MLM companies, there is no product purchase requirement to stay active and qualified for earnings. NO AUTOSHIP! NO MINIMUM ORDER! Nobody needs to quit because they can’t afford the minimum monthly requirement. Nobody has to order products they don’t want just to stay qualified for their pay!

Membership is just $9.95 USD monthly. Nearly anybody can afford that. To become an affiliate is one time $40 USD.

All members are placed in a 2X matrix in the highest possible position following their sponsor. When someone sponsors more than 2 the additionals are spilled over to the highest opening in the matrix. Watch the video.

You can even earn money even if you never refer anyone, never buy anything, and never sell anything. It’s called spillover. If you get 40 members by spillover the $0.25 USD paid from each of them totals $10.00 USD, and that covers your membership cost! If your matrix were to fill up completely you would be earning over $2040.00 USD each month – just for staying in long enough!

Disclaimer! There is no guarantee of spill over or of any earnings you will make.

If you just want to be a member or retail customer you can do that HERE. You can upgrade to affiliate later, anytime you wish.